What to Do When You Get Pulled Over


If you spend enough time driving on the roads, you will most likely get pulled over. Whether it is for speeding, making an illegal u turn, having a tail light go out or any other reason, it is very important to remain calm and follow this procedure so a simple traffic stop does not escalate into something a lot more serious.


When You First See the Police Car


Pull over safely and quickly. Make sure to use your turn signals and pull over as far to the right of the shoulder as possible (if on the highway). Some police officers may be extremely high strung so it is important to show that you will be complying with them even before you actually meet them at your car window.


When the Police Officer is at Your Car


For many police officers even a simple traffic stop can end up in a life threatening situation. It is very important to show the police officer that you will not be a potential aggressor. Roll down your window and place your hands on the steering wheel. Always be polite and non confrontational, there is a lot to lose and not very much to gain for being rude to a police officer. When the officer asks to see identification or insurance documents, inform him where those documents are before you reach for them. Some police officers can see a sudden reach into a glove compartment as an aggressive move.


Unless Asked to Step Out, Stay in Your Car


Stay in your car during the duration of the traffic stop unless otherwise directed by the police officer. Getting out of your car during a traffic stop can lead to an unpleasant situation for you and could possibly lead to your arrest.


Following these procedures will ensure that your traffic stop goes as smoothly as possible and will stop you from running into legal trouble beyond the original cause of the traffic stop.