Crazy Texan Laws You Never Imagined Existed

We Texans are a particular breed of people. There really is no one in the world quite like us. For us, meat, guns and football are sacred. We do often times also get carried away though. The following list is a set of laws that although a little far fetched, show what it means to live in Texas. If you’re Texan you know what I mean.

1. You can’t shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel.

This law raises many questions. Could you hypothetically go to the third floor and shoot a buffalo? Of course, as crazy as this law sounds, there is a reason for it. In case you haven’t noticed there aren’t many buffaloes around so probably the reason behind this law is to protect these emblematic creatures that once roamed this great land freely. Either way, it does seem odd anyone would want to shoot a buffalo from anywhere much less a second floor hotel room.

2. It is illegal for kids to have unusual haircuts

This law will be welcomed by a lot of youngsters who hate that their parents meddle with their precious hair. It may seem strange and subjective. After all, what exactly counts as a bad haircut? Nonetheless, this law may actually help prevent a lot of bullying.

3. Don’t milk another man’s cow

This law expressly states that “whoever without consent of the owner shall take up, use or milk any cow, not his own, shall be fined not exceeding ten dollars.” Aside from the
the obvious affront to your fellow man, it helps protect his dairy products. It seems that this law has been removed but it’s always good manners not to do it.

4. The Train Law

This law simply states that in Texas, when two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each one must come to a full stop, and neither one shall proceed until the other has gone. Although this law may seem nonsensical, there is a rational explanation for it. It seems that a senator was more than adamant about not wanting a law to be passed. His strategy was to attach this ridiculous law to keep the other law from passing. Things sort of backfired because either no one saw the train law attached or they simply chose to ignore it. Whether this is true or not it would partly explain why we have so many crazy laws.

5. Anticrime Law

An anticrime law in Texas requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, orally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed. It is not clear why this law was enacted but considering Texan’s passion for guns we can only guess the criminal would not be met with open arms when trying to commit the crime. As the old adage says, crime does not pay.

Some of these laws may seem quirky and in some cases right down ridiculous but behind them lies the essence of Texas as a quiet and simple republic with good, simple and hard-working people.