Incarceration And Alternative Sentencing

The response to crime in the United States for many years has been to put all criminal offenders behind bars. This has proven to be an expensive approach with mixed results. There are more people in American prisons than in any other industrialized nation. It is estimated that one out of every hundred Americans is currently in prison. According to a study done by the National Institute of Justic…

Inmate Rights

There have been laws put in place to ensure that all Americans are treated fairly, and that includes prisoners. Unfortunately, many prisoners do not know that they have rights. Below are some of the rights that inmates are entitled to:

The Right To Receive Adequate Medical And Dental Care

Prison officials are required to ensure that all inmates receive medical and dental care, and this…

Common Bail Bond Mistakes

Bail Bonds Explained

For adult criminal cases, bail is an amount of money that criminal defendants must deposit as a guarantee that they will return to court. Bail isn’t a punishment. It’s simply a way to guarantee that a person accused of a crime will come back to stand trial. It’s up to the judge to decide the amount of the bail bond. The law requires that the amount be set according to what…

History of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are an accepted part of the criminal justice system in modern times. However, many people are not aware of how old the concept of bails bonds is. People in the Western world began posting bail, that is giving money or property in exchange for being released from jail, in the thirteeth century.

However, the practice of posting bail bonds is seen in records dating back four millennia…

Bail Rewrite vs Bail Reassumption

Something many people ask a bail bond company is: What is the difference between a bail rewrite and a bail reassumption?

Bail Rewrites

A bail rewrite is when a bond is rewritten to replace previous bail for the same charges. It is needed when charges are not filed in a case and the court forgives the bond. It is up to the bond issuer whether or not to do a bail rewrite. These companies…

Own Recognizance and Release on Citation

What is Own Recognizance?
If a criminal defendant is released on own recognizance, then he or she is released from custody without having to post bail. This can be referred to as O.R., and is usually granted in minor crimes such as traffic violations. It is common for a criminal defendant to request release on own recognizance during his or her first court date. If a defendant is released on…

Most Common Reasons You Get Pulled Over

Despite your best intentions, it can be easy to be pulled over by a cop and receive a ticket that may increase the cost of your insurance. Additionally, being pulled over can prevent you from reaching your destination in a timely manner. To prevent the financial and emotional hassles associated with getting pulled over, you should avoid the five following common driving mistakes.

Ignoring t…

All About Field Sobriety Tests

One of the last things that drivers want to see while driving is a police car behind them with its lights flashing. However, it is a fact of life that happens every day. So long as police officers have probable cause to believe drivers are drinking and driving, they can pull them over and make them perform various field sobriety tests.

What Are Field Sobriety Tests?

The best way to defin…

Bail Bond Cosigner

In today’s legal system, when an individual commits a crime, they are deemed innocent until proven guilty. In many cases, individuals accused of a crime have the option to be let out on bail until the date of their court hearing. While this seems like a simple procedure, there is one very common problem that most face, and that is being unable to individually pay the bond fee. To still give thos…

How Bail Bonds Work

A bail bond is a written promise that the jailed defendant who is named in the document will return to court for the trial date. It may be issued by the defendant him- or herself, by family or friends, or by a bondsman. The bond allows the defendant to be released from jail and to remain free until the specified date.
How the Bond Works
When the bond is posted, the court clerk issues a document…

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