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How To Find A Bail Amount

Tracking down a bail amount for yourself, a friend or a family member can be difficult if you are not sure where to look. This guide will show you several possible ways to find it. Keep in mind that different counties and states have different procedures for communicating bail amounts. When Is Bail Set? As […]

What to Do When You Get Pulled Over

  If you spend enough time driving on the roads, you will most likely get pulled over. Whether it is for speeding, making an illegal u turn, having a tail light go out or any other reason, it is very important to remain calm and follow this procedure so a simple traffic stop does not […]

How to Get Your Record Expunged

People make mistakes. Having a permanent record can deter you from obtaining employment, moving into certain homes, or more. Expunging your record means to erase or remove that record permanently. This would mean that you never have to reveal that that record ever existed. Different states are going to have different rules regarding having charges […]

Things to Know About Civil Asset Forfeiture

In Civil asset forfeiture, assets from individuals suspected to have engaged in criminal activities. The nature of the crime that may warrant confiscation varies with states but most commonly, assets from drug dealers, terrorists and their sympathizers, corrupt individuals either in government or out of government and even civil criminals. The aim of the controversial […]

What is a Bail Bond Forfeiture?

A defendant’s bail is determined according to preexisting bail schedules or by the magistrate before arraignment. The defendant or his agent contacts a bail agent and the bail bond firm makes necessary arrangements to post required bail. At that point, the defendant is temporarily released from jail. To compensate for risk that the defendant may […]

All About Posting Bail in Court

Although it will not be the case for all people, there will come a time when unfortunate individuals will need bail to be posted for them. The posting of bail can prove to be a relieving experience for those with the threat of incarceration overhead. Having a clear understanding of what posting bail in court […]

Crazy Texan Laws You Never Imagined Existed

We Texans are a particular breed of people. There really is no one in the world quite like us. For us, meat, guns and football are sacred. We do often times also get carried away though. The following list is a set of laws that although a little far fetched, show what it means to […]

What You Need To Understand About Bail Bond Forfeiture

Bail bonds are agreements that allow a defendant to wait outside of jail for upcoming court hearings on the condition a certain amount of money is paid to officials. That money is returned later if all court dates are made by the defendant. If something goes wrong, then a forfeiture might occur. You should understand […]

Inmate Rights and Privileges

The Supreme Court upheld in 1974’s Wolff v. McDonnel that the Constitutional rights of inmates are severely restricted. However, not all Constitutional rights are surrendered, and the law also provides inmates with rights concerning their health and welfare while incarcerated. In addition to the rights they are afforded, prisoners may be granted certain privileges based […]

Decriminalizing Truancy

In the state of Texas, current truancy laws address habitual absenteeism by demanding court appearances, levying fines, and even arresting students over the age of 17 who can’t pay. While harsh, and virtually unavoidable for students with ten or more unexcused absence, these policies have had no effect on truancy rates and appear to unfairly […]